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Here's to all the work that I loved that never made it to the main page.


Bandcamp users are free to explore an ever-expanding world of music so we positioned Bandcamp as a free-roam multiverse made of music in a partnership with Meow Wolf where people can explore different rooms that correspond with a genre of music.

Funhouse pop.png

Pop Room

Funhouse jazz.png

Jazz Room

Funhouse pyschedelic.png

Psychedelic Room

Funhouse hiphop.png

Hip-Hop Room

Funhouse metal.png

Metal Room

In a partnership with Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, people will also be able enjoy their beverages with custom prints inspired by the music of some of their favorite artists.

Bandcamp cans_edited.png

Made in partnership with: Zeynep Aydogmus Masunu (Art Director) and Trey McMillan (Copywriter) 


Introducing Wild Goose Premium Whiskey, named after Christian Wildgoose, the mother of the Chivas brothers. Paying homage to the matriarch of the brand, Wild Goose was created to tap into the market where women are often forgotten.

Wild Goose Logo_edited.jpg
Wildgoose bottle and glass.jpg
Wildgood OOH 4.jpg
Wild Goose Social full 4_edited.png
Wildgood OOH 2.jpg
Wild Goose Social full 3_edited.png

Made in partnership with: Sophie Durand (Creative Brand Manager), Natalie Hogan (Creative Brand Manager), Casey Mattis (Creative Brand Manager), Tori McCarl (Creative Brand Manager), and Emily Wills (Experience Designer) 


An innovative portable coffee canister that utilizes French pull technology.

JavaTrek Together.png
JavaTrek Separated  2_edited.jpg


French pull technology to ensure coffee grounds aren't left in the canister.


Stainless steel coated with ceramic to provide double insulation to keep your coffee hot.


Removable stainless steel cup for easy access and storage.

Made in partnership with: Max Lichtfuss (Creative Brand Manager) and Sophie Durand (Creative Brand Manager) 


A fun exploration of logo design for a fictional place.

Wine label-03_edited.png
Wine bottle 2.jpg
food board_edited.jpg
Wine glass_edited.jpg
Wine sign.jpg
Wine Stamp.jpg
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